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These pictures will for sure convince you that Norway is a natural paradise :)

Pictures of Grimstad

Pictures of the Grimstad area

Pictures of Norway


By far, the activity where I have spent most hours in my life after work is music. Here are some of my "contributions" in this realm :)


I composed the music of the piece below, whose lyrics are traditional from Galicia. The video corresponds to one of our concerts in Bande, Galicia.

This is also a song of mine, composed for whistle, sax, and guitar. My friend Manuel Suarez should be credited for the bagpipes melody. The video corresponds to a live performance on the public Galician TV.

The one below is the soundtrack that I made for the documentary "Cesteando" by Plácido Romero, which deals with the life of a hippy that lived in the mountains of southern Galicia. He was a basket craftsman who kept alive an incredibly vast ethnographic culture.


Some time after arriving to Norway, I started playing piano. This instrument has become a real addiction. Perhaps one of the main sources of motivation for starting was the following tune by Scott Joplin:


I also tried my best with Galician bagpipes (gaita). I started as a kid and traveled across the world with the Real Banda (Royal Pipe Band).

I also composed several pieces for gaita. One of them is in the documentary below, where I interpret it from minute 53:44 on, although I am only visible at the beginning and at the end. This documentary, named "100% CEF" and directed by Aser Álvarez, tells the story of one of the most famous Galician poets: Celso Emilio Ferreiro. The documentary is starred by Luis Tosar and received the Mestre Mateo award, "equivalent" to an Oscar in the Galician Academy.

If you would like to play this one with your instrument, here is the score.